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The Space Shuttle may not launch again, but stay tuned for ours in 2020
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We love telling stories…yours or ours.

Tansō Media is a media company specializing in creating digital content (though we still embrace print when it shows up at our door). We provides services that range from still photography & video production to script writing and graphic design…or maybe you even need original music.

We hand-pick our artists, designers, writers, cinematographers & photographers, for each project. This approach gives us maximum flexibility and produces work that’s intriguingly creative.

We’ve also been around the block several times. So while we aren’t a new company, we are taking the slow road in building fresh approach and presenting our body of work and from our collaborative partners in a new light.

So please check out our opening salvo, a music documentary (the trailer featured below) and stay tuned about private screenings and events as our film, Selva Oscura, makes its way through the festival circuit.

And be sure to check out what’s new and what we’re up to…

Selva Oscura is a music documentary that explores the creative and collaborative process. It was filmed during the making of a music video for the song Stolidi Pensieri.

Selva Oscura, or translated to English, means The Dark Forest, and references the opening of Dante’s Inferno. It’s symbolic of a journey to unknown destinations, which is also our story. We created a living project, one that was free from absolute structure and where we were free to experiment within our disciplines.

The result? A 17-minute short film that fuses story with music video and filmed in both Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Wilds.

Cast & Crew

  • John Welsh — Director & Producer

  • Jacopo De Nicola — Songwriting, Guitar, Bass & Drums

  • Brian Fitzy — Violin

  • Shelia Hershey — Cello

  • Loren McFalls — Choreography

  • Spenser Michaels — Art Direction

  • art270 — Graphic Design

  • femme.collective — Performances by: Catilin Green, Candace Eaton, Celine McBride and Margot Steinberg

  • Felicia Perretti and Bridgett Scott — Additional cameras

  • Jorja Brooks — Production Assistant

Who We Are

A Digital Media Company telling your stories whether they are destined for the big screen or the mobile device.

Find us at

Tanso Media
93 Old York Rd Ste. – 706
Jenkintown, PA 19046